I launched this blog in October 2011. I didn’t celebrate the first birthday (“wow, already one year on-line?”). But today, I’d love to celebrate the first full year of my blog with you!

Sales enablement – the term is still a bit “under construction”, but the relevance and the meaning is increasing. More and more organizations see the long-term value, see the strategic relevance, the need to be able to quickly execute on changing business strategies, to close the strategy-execution gap. More and more organizations see also the need to design selling systems end2end, from prospect to contract, across all functional silos. More and more organizations see that technology is a great enabler – when the organizational and structural homework is done before. Breaking down the collaboration barriers is still a huge challenge – not only, but especially for sales enablement.

Working on this 2012 review, I’m writing with so much gratitude 🙂

Let’s celebrate a few highlights – OUR highlights!
I couldn’t have achieved all these things without YOU! Let me take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for your ongoing support and contribution! Thanks so much for reading, challenging, discussing, commenting, sharing – thanks so much, all my friends, supporters, mentors, challengers, peers, colleagues, collaborators all over the place!

  • The audience of this blog is growing and growing! Thousands of people have seen, viewed, clicked on this web site in 2012, in North America, in Europe, in Asia and in Australia!
  • I was surprised about myself, when I counted my posts in 2012 – I published 20 posts including this one!
  • I had the wonderful opportunity to give a keynote on the state of sales enablement in Melbourne – CSE2012
  • I had a presentation on the gap in strategic accounts at the Forrester Sales Enablement Forum in San Francisco
  • I’m feeling very honored that a few of my posts were published in the Top Sales World Magazine and I’m feeling even more honored that I could be a member of the Top Sales Awards judge panel.
  • I’m very happy that one of my posts was published in the SAP sponsored 21st Century Sales Warrior iGuide.

The blog post highlights in 2012:

There is still a lot of work to do, regarding all the essentials, but especially in a direction, where we need a lot of innovation, creativity, bravery and passion – and leadership. In my opinion, that’s all about how to use GoToCustomer oriented sales enablement approaches and selling system blueprints to drive change in the 21st century. Knowing, that we have to bridge between the information age and the conceptual age, knowing that well-known skills and behaviors from the last century are no longer valuable for customers and no longer suitable for our planet – not only regarding selling?
“Unlearn and Relearn” – that describes the challenge perfectly.

How to design selling systems – no, I should say – buyer enablement systems, that are part of responsible, sustainable, outcome-oriented stakeholder-oriented and customer-centric business models? How to build those end2end buyer enablement systems, how to connect them to other value cycle elements across silos, functions and organizations? And then, how do we measure success internally when we enable customers to achieve their outcomes. What does it mean for our internal performance management systems, when our mottos might change to
“Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle – Re-imagine a responsible enterprise”

My first outlook for 2013, what you could expect to find here:

  • Enable the sales managers first, covering several view points
  • Sales infrastructure and selling systems, buyer enablement systems
  • Driving the general concept of GoToCustomer, as outlined above
  • A special on customer outcomes, what is it, what does it mean for our sales force control systems, our behaviors, our collaboration models, our performance management systems etc.

Yes, writing is an amazing creative activity. Writing, especially developing and growing this blog changed my life, without a doubt. It became a major part of my journey, writing and finally clicking on the “publish” button are definitely feeding my soul…

I’m looking very much forward to 2013 – I want to welcome the new year with you!
Welcome 2013, with all the challenges you might bring to us!
I truly believe that great challenges are always great opportunities, to make a difference, to drive change, to make the world a better place – for all living beings on planet Earth.

Having said this, I want to wish you a healthy, happy and a successful 2013 – whatever success might mean to you. It’s easier with the key to happiness –
Happiness comes from within, as soon as you unlock the unconditional love of your heart, you found your personal key to happiness…
May your visions become true, may you achieve the next steps on your journey.

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Thank you so much in advance!