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Empowering Human Potential

“Empowering Human Potential” – My Mission and My Professional Symphony

Imagine an orchestra where different musicians play different instruments to create a harmonic, balanced, powerful symphony that resonates beautifully with the audience. There are violins, cellos, contrabass, drums, oboes, horns, and others. A conductor effectively orchestrates the musicians and their instruments to create a powerful, harmonic, balanced symphony.

Now, imagine that I am my own conductor, orchestrating various skills, tools, methods, and experiences I learned in different areas of my life to help committed professionals be at their best and empower their potential. The various skills, tools, processes, and methods I apply in different scenarios come from two sources: the corporate world and the world of energy, of quantum physics.

Let me show you how my professional symphony could create extraordinary value for your organization and yourself

Scenario 1: Consulting, coaching, and mentoring for sales and sales enablement leaders

The purpose of this scenario is to ensure that they set up an initiative that empowers their customer-facing professionals along the buyer journey, consistently and effectively. I work primarily with enablement leaders to make them highly successful in their roles. This role is cross-functional; it requires to unlearn traditionally siloed leadership behaviors and relearn effective cross-functional orchestration skills. Changing beliefs, thoughtforms, and growing the leader’s mindset is a must-have prerequisite for success. In parallel to personal development, it’s about applying proven frameworks, methods, and techniques to build an efficient, effective, and scalable enablement function in the buyer’s age.

As one of the world’s leading authorities in sales enablement, I work with proven methods, tools, and frameworks; all backed up by research and real-world experience in a holistic way, including techniques to drive the required personal growth.

Check out my work at Bartlett Schenk & Company and as Strategic Advisor for Showpad.

Scenario 2: Mentoring committed individuals in challenging situations so that they can live their life’s purpose

This scenario is focused on committed individuals in challenging situations. It’s about mentoring professionals to annihilate all blockages, fears, worries, and doubts that cause self-sabotage, holding them back every single day and stand in their way of living their life’s mission.

If you know me from my sales enablement work, you know that everything I touch is based on data and creates actual results.

Here, I leverage quantum physics and the latest techniques in quantum energy clearing protocols to clear your auric field, karmic imprints, activate your DNA, and access your soul’s data highway. As a licensed, certified Advanced Auric Clearing Master Healer, I combine business expertise with energy clearing work and “soulchology.”

I take you on a journey of holistic self-actualization to align your life and your mission to your soul’s innate gifts and talents. Such a journey includes clearing of fears, worries, doubts, limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, and any other blockages and a clearing of karmic imprints, and activation of your DNA a comprehensive soul blueprint and profile.

Check out my work at Energy Field Mastery.

Isn’t this quite a symphony? Just like Ludwig van Beethoven’s 5th symphony, my favorite one!

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