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Empowering human potential in the age of digital transformation – that’s the next level of effective sales, buyer, revenue, or enterprise enablement. Whatever name, the discipline is here to stay, as it has evolved from a casual program to a strategic discipline in many organizations.

Empowering human potential is the key to success for any sales, sales enablement, or effectiveness leader, facing ambitious growth goals, digital transformation challenges, unexpected, global challenges, and ever-changing buyer behaviors in the fast-pacing age of the customer.

Empowering human potential is more than enabling sales teams and their managers. It begins with real engagement around the organization’s big why and includes augmenting sales professionals’ expertise by leveraging technology wisely.

My expertise stems from more than 25 years of international experience in sales and consulting roles across multiple industries. At T-Systems, I evolved sales enablement from a program to a strategic and global function on a VP level. At CSO Insights, I established global annual sales enablement studies to provide sales leaders and vendors with research and expertise to implement sustainable strategies to drive sales results. In parallel, I educated myself a lot on quantum physics, neuroscience, the human energy field over the last 15 years.

I’m in a unique position to blend my areas of expertise to empower human potential in individuals and organizations in a data-driven, scientific, and holistic manner.

  • Do you have a hard time creating a significant business impact with your sales enablement initiative? 
    I help sales enablement organizations to set up sales enablement as an effective business function that does move the performance needle. Those sales enablement strategies have to be derived from the business strategy, addressing the root causes of your selling challenges in your organization. Additionally, sales enablement has to be integrated into an overall digital strategy. In other words, it’s not about “managing a program.”
  • New in a sales enablement leadership role, driven to grow professionally and personally?
    I mentor ambitious sales enablement leaders who want to become their best version of themselves when it comes to empowering their sales forces and achieving outstanding results. My mentorship is based on a holistic, interactive, digital program that leverages my tremendous sales enablement expertise as a global leader and analyst. Additionally, I enrich my mentorship with highly effective mindset techniques based on the fascinating world of neuroscience and quantum physics.

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